About the IA-system

Afa Försäkring, together with the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, The Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO), The council for negotiation and cooperation (PTK) and the industries, has developed a web-based system that supports the systematic work of reporting, following up and handling occurrences.


The IA system is primarily developed to handle deviations in the work environment, but can also be used in the areas of quality, environment, property, safety and to capture improvement proposals.

What the IA system does

The IA system makes it possible for small and large orgainzations in the same industry to share information about work environment events, investigations, measures and thereby learn from both their own and others' experiences. Users see a connection between the use of the IA system and the reduction of accidents, incidents and risks in the workplace. With the help of the IA system, all employees can actively participate in and take part in work environment development.

Create an overview

One of the strengths of the IA system is the overview. You can get statistics on the entire organization or individual departments at any time. You easily produce reports and diagrams that can form the basis for management decisions in work environment issues.


The system also supports the preventive work with the help of digital checklists for, for example, security patrols and risk analyzes.

Many organization today are committed users and help to continuously drive the development work forward.

Tailored for your industry

Each member industry gets its own subsystem that is tailored to suit the specific industry, this is done through cooperation between Afa Försäkring and representatives of the industry. The system is then continuously developed via industry-specific reference groups from the user organizations.

A mobile
The IA system also has an app

Information documents

If you want to use the IA system

If your organization wants to start using the IA system, send an email with your organization number, information about the number of employees and your contact information to iasupport@afaforsakring.se.

What does IA stand for?

IA is an abbreviation for Information System on Work Environment.


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