IA - for a healthy and safe working life

Afa Insurance has together with the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, The Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO), The council for negotiation and cooperation (PTK), and the industries developed a web-based system that supports the systematic work of reporting, following up and resolving events. It is flexible, easily accessible and easy to handle cases. You can also share experiences and solutions with others, which helps make it safer at work. What you do can improve the work environment for everyone, everywhere.

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How others work with IA

We're proud to have so many companies using the IA system. One of them is Spendrups. Watch Anders Holmgren and Åsa Dahlberg tell the story of how they work to improve working environments, how IA supports them, and how they strive to make themselves redundant.

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We train super users who in turn train managers and safety representatives. Every month, we hold two basic and continuing education courses, digitally and at Afa Insurance in Stockholm.

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The IA system is constantly evolving. Thanks to our users, we can improve and refine. Here you can read about what is happening right now.

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Statistics for 2021

1 200 000+

Users of the IA system

1 650 000+

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